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Alligator Jaw Squeezers

Alligator jaw compression rivet squeezers are designed to allow a single operator to accurately install rivets in a production environment. These riveters are commonly used in both low and high volume applications as they are extremely robust and reliable. A simple but effective design allows the alligator jaw riveter to squeeze a wide variety of rivet types including solid, tubular, and semi-tubular.

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CompressionRiveter.com is an online dealer specializing exclusively in compression rivet squeezers, rivet hammers, aircraft riveters, and accessories. Buy Chicago Pneumatic, Desoutter, Sioux Tools, and Ingersoll Rand riveters, squeezers, and accessories direct from us and save. We have a wide selection of riveting tools available for immediate shipment, and we always have riveting experts on hand to answer your questions.




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