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CP-0214 ANBEL Alligator Jaw Compression Rivet Squeezer by Chicago Pneumatic

Category: Alligator Jaw Squeezers

Air powered compression riveters deliver a squeezing action, which drives the rivet by “Flowing” the rivet metal with compressed forces. Squeezing action is obtained by coupling an air cylinder and piston to a wedge or cam, thus multiplying the original force to extreme ratios. High compressive forces are obtained from a relatively compact unit having small diameter cylinders and using very little compressed air. The CP-0214 series of rivet sqeezers is popular with small aircraft builders because of it's relative lightweight, convenience, and reliability.

- Lock off throttle
- reduces the risk of accidental operation
- rivet set type: CR-1
- aluminum capacity: 1/8"
- steel capacity: 3/32"
- std. yoke reach: 1.5"
- std. yoke closed height: 7/8"
- max force: 3000 lbs.
- moving plunger max travel: 5/8"
- final part of stroke at max force: .050"
- cylinder type: single
- noise level 90 dB(A)
- length: 9  3/16 inches
- weight: 3.75 lbs.
- ordering part no. T012343
- A CP Chicago Pneumatic / Desoutter
quality compression riveter tool

CLICK HERE to view the CP-0214 ANBEL operator's manual

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